Quinn, Esq. Helps LGBT couples take charge of their legal needs and take steps to define and protect their relationships and children. With CD containing useful forms. This publication is an excellent resource for lesbian and gay parents that includes up-to-date summary of research findings, APA amicus briefs and other resources. A humorous and insightful guide written by a lesbian mother who herself used donor sperm to conceive. ... Read More
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From gothrockers to deathrockers and everything in between. Join us for weekly discussions where we try to determine when "The Cure" stopped being goth! If you don't see your submission it likely got caught in the spam filter. Please message the mods about it! Please follow our rules and reddiquette! ... Read More
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When a movie features one woman with a gaping tracheotomy hole and another with a penis for a nose, you need not have seen the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ads to brace yourself for what's coming. And by God, there's coming galore in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo-a paean to all that erects and ejaculates. As the film expelled its bodily fluids, I was reminded of the john who, during Heidi Fleiss's trial, explained that one doesn't pay hookers for sex; one pays them to get lost afterward. In the case of Deuce Bigalow, you can take comfort that's a mere 90 minutes later. In this unsatisfying sequel to 's funnier Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Rob Schneider's fish enthusiast-cum-man whore is unwittingly scarfing down space cakes and being a dope in Amsterdam. ... Read More
This was no easy task and there was much back and forth and discussion on what made an artist "influential. These are artists who moved the needle, who started movements, who defined trends. The king of ranchera music, Vicente Fernandez perfectly embodies the grandeur of the charro -- a regally costumed, cowboy-like male figure in traditional Mexican music. His performances are the stuff of legend and his influence transcends music he has starred in over 30 films. From his son Alejandro to younger generations of ranchera singers, Vicente is the standard they all strive for. ... Read More